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Site Plan Site plan. Submittal requirements. An application for approval of a site plan (SP) for a specific use on a specific parcel shall include a plan which sets out in detail the proposed use, construction, landscaping, engineering and site development proposed for such parcel as well as any other information that the Zoning Commission may request as being necessary for a proper review of the application including but not limited to the following:
(a) Existing conditions plan showing building footprints, parking and loading areas, utilities, streets and driveways.
(b) Site development plan showing proposed regrading, building footprints, parking and loading areas, streets and driveways.
(c) Utility plan indicating how all utility needs (including storm drainage, sewage disposal and water supply facilities) will be met. All utilities shall be installed underground.
(d) Preliminary architectural plans, including floor plans, sections and exterior elevations, roof lines, facade materials and other features of the proposed buildings or structures.
(e) Open space and parking areas management plan.
(f) Landscape plan. Site plan standards. No application for approval of a SP shall be granted until the Zoning Commission has made the following findings:
(a) That the SP is consistent with all GDP standards.
(b) That the SP complies with all requirements set forth in Sections 3.1.1 and 3.14 and all other requirements of these Regulations.
(c) That, if the SP is for a use requiring special case approval, a special case application has been submitted to the Zoning Commission for such approval under Section 20 of these Regulations.
(d) That, except as set forth below, no building exceeds a height of 40 feet or two stories. If, considered in the context of the GDP, the Zoning Commission, in administrative session, finds that the further protection and enhancement of the environment can be accomplished by permitting an increase in the height of any building, the maximum permitted height in each case may be increased to four stories, not to exceed 60 feet provided that a) the aggregate maximum floor area ratio of 0.35 for the entire GDP is not exceeded thereby; b) the minimum required setbacks shall be increased as provided in Section 10.1.5c of these Regulations; and c) such increase in height will be in conformity with all applicable airport zoning regulations.
(e) Off-street parking and loading shall be as provided in Section 12 of these Regulations.