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Do I need a permit for a pool, shed, deck or fence?

Yes, all permits can be accessed via the online permitting system here:  If you are unsure about whether you need a permit, please call the Office of Planning & Zoning to inquire at (203) 385-4017. 

How can I access the Stratford Zoning or Subdivision regulations?

You can find the complete Zoning regulations here

You can find the complete Subdivision of Land regulations here

How can I determine the rough measurements of the features on my map?

Click on the ruler/square in the upper left-hand corner of the map (if you hover your cursor over the ruler it will say "Measure distances and area"). Follow the instruction to measure the desired features. The Town of Stratford makes no representation or warranty as to the map products accuracy, timeliness, or completeness and in particular, its accuracy in labelling or displaying dimensions, contours, property boundaries, or placement or location of any map features therein.

How does Stratford interpret corner lots?

Corner lots have two front yards and two side yards. There is no rear yard on a corner lot.