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Office of Planning & Zoning
Accessory Apartment Application The owner of the residence shall file certifying that the primary dwelling and accessory residential apartment are in complia... Application for Zone Change Approval (LBHZ) An application for zone change to an SAHZ shall include all required documentation. Application for Zone Change Approval (SAHZ) An application for zone change to an SAHZ shall include all required documentation. Administrative Review In lieu of approval or disapproval, the Planning and Zoning Administrator may refer a request for approval to the Zoning Comm... Carnivals, Shows, Fairs - Application Carnivals, shows, fairs and similar special events are permitted subject to approval of the Planning and Zoning Administrator Change of Zoning All applications, appeals or petitions shall be on a form supplied by the Planning Commission, Zoning Commission, or the Boar... Drive-In Theater/Entertainment Permit The Drive-In Theater/Entertainment Permit is a temporary use permit that will allow for the approved applicant to erect and o... Erosion & Sediment Control A soil erosion and sediment control plan shall be submitted with any application for development when the disturbed area of s... Fence Permit Prior to the installation of a fence, a zoning permit must be obtained. Final Site Plan (FSP) Final site plan approval is required for all development in the Waterfront Redevelopment District to determine consistency wi... General Development Master Plan (GDMP) An approved GDMP creates vested rights as to bulk, dimension, density and use which shall be unaffected by any subsequent con... General Development Plan (GDP) To promote the most desirable uses of land in accordance with an approved general development plan (GDP) designed to coordina... Home Occupations - Zoning Permit Motor Vehicle Approval of Location Sign Permit (Paradise Green/W.Broad) The purpose of this application is to allow ONLY STRATFORD-BASED NON-PROFITS to erect signs at both Paradise Green and the at... Site Plan An application for approval of a site plan (SP) for a specific use on a specific parcel Site Plan Review Special Case Uses These uses may be allowed after review. Storm Water Management Plan When an applicant is required to submit a stormwater management plan they shall prepare pre-development and post-development ... Subdivision Application Text Amendment Petition All petitions submitted in writing and in a form prescribed by the Planning or Zoning Commission as the case may be, shall be... Variance or Waiver Application The Board of Zoning Appeals shall have the power to determine and vary the application of these Regulations in the manner pro... Zoning Compliance Permit This Application for Zoning Compliance is only for zoning permits where a building permit is NOT required. An example is an a...