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Final Site Plan (FSP)
Final site plan (FSP) requirements.
1) Final site plan approval is required for all development in the Waterfront Redevelopment District to determine consistency with the GDMP. An application for approval of a final site plan for any portion of the property within the GDMP shall include a plan which sets out in detail the proposed use, construction, architecture, materials, landscaping, engineering, and site development proposed as well as such other information that the Zoning Commission shall require to determining consistency with the GDMP, including, but not limited to:
a) Existing conditions plan showing building footprints, parking and loading areas, utilities, streets, and driveways.
b) Site development plan with proposed regrading, building footprints, parking and loading areas, streets, and driveways.
c) Utility plan demonstrating that all utility needs (including storm drainage, sewage disposal and water supply facilities) will be met. All utilities shall be installed underground.
d) Preliminary architectural plans, including floor plans, sections and exterior elevations, roof lines, facade materials, signs, and other features of the proposed buildings or structures.
e) Open space and parking areas management plan.
f) Landscape and lighting plan, including any included accent lighting for buildings, public art, landscaping treatments, etc.
2) The Zoning Commission shall approve a FSP only if it finds that the FSP is:
a) Generally consistent with the GDMP; and
b) Complies with all the requirements set forth in Section 3.1.1 and all other applicable requirements of these Regulations, in each case to the extent not inconsistent with the provisions of this Section 8.5.

8.5.9 Amendments to approved GDMP and FSP.
a) The Planning and Zoning Administrator may administratively approve minor changes in an approved GDMP and FSP without formal amendment of the GDMP or the FSP, provided the minor changes do not materially alter the layout or the mix of uses.
b) The Commission may approve administratively a formal amendment to an approved GDMP and FSP, provided that such amendment relates to a use previously included in the GDMP and the Commission determines that it is not substantially or significantly different in intensity and scope and that it would not materially affect the character of the project.
c) The Commission may approve, as a special case application submitted for such approval under Section 20 of these Regulations, a formal amendment to an approved GDMP and FSP for a use not previously described in the GDMP or for a use described in the GDMP that the Commission determines is substantially or significantly different in intensity and scope or that it would affect the character of the project.
d) The Zoning Commission may approve the expansion of the boundaries of an approved GDMP following the same procedure used for the approval of a GDMP.
e) Any such approval by the Planning and Zoning Administrator or by the Zoning Commission shall be noted on the GDMP.