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General Development Master Plan (GDMP)
The applicant for Waterfront Redevelopment District shall submit a general development master plan (GDMP) to the Zoning Commission for approval as a special case under Section 20 of these Regulations. An approved GDMP creates vested rights as to bulk, dimension, density and use which shall be unaffected by any subsequent conveyancing, financing, or encumbering of any portion of the property. All development within an approved GDMP is subject to site plan or special case approval or both depending on the degree it differs from that shown on the GDMP. A GDMP shall be exempt from all time limits set forth in Section 20.3 of the regulations. General development master plan (GDMP) requirements. An application for approval of a GDMP shall include:
a) Location and size of property, including a boundary map with an accuracy meeting or exceeding standards for a Class A-2 property survey, which map is to show the precise boundaries of the proposed development, as well as existing zoning boundaries and the boundaries of any officially designated wetland areas;
b) Present and proposed land uses and the acreage of each use, as well as existing and future land uses on contiguous properties;
c) Present and proposed buildings and structures including use, dimensions and locations of each;
d) Proposed vehicular and pedestrian circulation patterns including locations and dimensions of private and public streets and common drives, pedestrian walkways, malls and other public and private paths;
e) Location of proposed off-street parking facilities with dimensions, including location, size and number of parking spaces, access drives and walkways;
f) Proposed lighting, to be designed and located in such a manner and of such amount as to ensure sufficient visibility at all times to maximize pedestrian and vehicular safety without undue adverse effect on the use and enjoyment of neighboring properties.
g) Proposed open areas such as parks, plazas, walkways, lawn areas, and recreational facilities;
h) Existing and proposed landscaping treatment, including major tree areas, water bodies and related treatment of open space areas, screening, and existing and proposed topography;
i) Utility information including water supply, sewage disposal, storm drainage, including capacity of watercourses and the additional flow being produced, electrical service and exterior site lighting, including fixture locations and heights;
j) A location map showing the site's relationship to the Town's circulation system and all streets and intersections within 1,000 feet of the site;
k) Preliminary architectural plans including generalized floor plans, representative exterior elevations, perspective drawings and descriptive information on types of building materials and exterior finishes;
l) A written traffic report by a qualified professional engineer evaluating the impact of the GDMP on the street system, including the amount of traffic projected to occur within and for the proposed development and the adequacy of the surrounding street system and traffic controls to accommodate existing traffic, projected traffic from the proposed development and projected traffic from other approved developments that may impact the relevant portions of the street system;
m) A written engineering report by a qualified professional engineer addressing storm drainage and flooding, including a stormwater management plan, utility services, soils and geology of the site, sediment and soil erosion control, and hydrological-geological conditions, as may be applicable to the proposal;
n) Such additional information as the Commission may reasonably require or the applicant may wish to submit, including, but not limited to, a project vision statement, a market study, an economic impact analysis, an analysis of projected impacts to Town facilities (e.g., police, fire, public works, schools), architectural perspective renderings, proposed covenants and restrictions related to open space and public access rights, statement regarding any safety call box system to be included, maintenance plan for stormwater management facilities, landscaping and other site improvements, and scheduling and timing of development phasing;
o) A statement of compliance with these Regulations, and a summary table demonstrating compliance with planning, site design, and qualifying standards. The table shall show proposed phasing, number and type of buildings, parking tabulation, and the area and percentage of lot coverage by buildings and paved surfaces.
8.5.9 Amendments to approved GDMP and FSP.
a) The Planning and Zoning Administrator may administratively approve minor changes in an approved GDMP and FSP without formal amendment of the GDMP or the FSP, provided the minor changes do not materially alter the layout or the mix of uses.
b) The Commission may approve administratively a formal amendment to an approved GDMP and FSP, provided that such amendment relates to a use previously included in the GDMP and the Commission determines that it is not substantially or significantly different in intensity and scope and that it would not materially affect the character of the project.
c) The Commission may approve, as a special case application submitted for such approval under Section 20 of these Regulations, a formal amendment to an approved GDMP and FSP for a use not previously described in the GDMP or for a use described in the GDMP that the Commission determines is substantially or significantly different in intensity and scope or that it would affect the character of the project.
d) The Zoning Commission may approve the expansion of the boundaries of an approved GDMP following the same procedure used for the approval of a GDMP.
e) Any such approval by the Planning and Zoning Administrator or by the Zoning Commission shall be noted on the GDMP.