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Storm Water Management Plan
When an applicant is required to submit a stormwater management plan they shall prepare pre-development and post-development calculations of the stormwater runoff and provide a design that demonstrates a zero impact to the Town's storm drainage system, including natural waterway systems. Accordingly, the applicant shall evaluate the impacts to downstream conditions. The analysis shall include impacts from the quantity of runoff as well as the quality of the runoff. The drainage collection system shall be designed in accordance with the requirements of the Connecticut Stormwater Quality Manual, as amended, as well as the requirements of Town stormwater ordinances. In addition to best management practices currently available and in the absence of specific design criteria which may not be identified in these documents or other requirements of the Town, the applicant shall, at a minimum, design the stormwater collection system to retain the first inch of runoff on site, and provide a zero increase in the peak rate of runoff from the site for the twenty-five-year storm, with an evaluation of the impacts from a fifty- and 100-year storm. After the evaluation is complete, if a larger design storm is warranted as determined in consultation with the Town Engineer, the applicant shall design the drainage for no net increase in the runoff from the 100-year storm.