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Accessory Apartment Application Accessory residential apartments.

The owner of the residence shall file with the Zoning Enforcement Officer with the initial application and on or before January 31 of every third year following approval an affidavit on a form to be supplied by the Zoning Enforcement Officer, certifying that the primary dwelling and accessory residential apartment are in compliance with the conditions and requirements set forth herein.
D. Application procedure.
(1) Applications submitted for accessory residential apartment uses shall contain the following information:
(a) Completed application including an affidavit on a form prescribed by the Zoning Commission.
(b) Sufficient architectural drawings to show the exterior building alterations proposed, if any.
(c) Interior floor plans showing the floor area of the proposed accessory residential apartment, the primary dwelling, and the relationship of the two.
(d) A plot plan drawn to scale of the property showing existing and proposed buildings and setbacks, existing and proposed building coverage, and proposed site improvements (e.g., parking and landscaping).
(e) The applicant must provide evidence to the Zoning Commission that he/she has sent written notification to the owners of the property adjoining and across the street from the subject property at least 14 days prior to the Commission's administrative meeting advising said individuals of the date, time and location of the meeting and describing the applicant's request.
(2) Applications for accessory residential apartments must be submitted to the Zoning Commission for an administrative site plan review. The Commission shall issue a permit for the accessory residential apartment if:
(a) All requirements of these Regulations have been fully complied with.
(b) Evidence of notification to neighboring property owners has been provided pursuant to the above instructions.
(3) The Commission shall reserve the right to schedule and hold a public hearing on any accessory residential apartment application.
E. Duration. The permit and any other form of approval for a dwelling conversion issued hereunder shall be subject to revocation by the commission upon the following conditions. "Revocation" shall mean removal of all cooking appliances, refrigerator and kitchen sink and all plumbing shall be capped and concealed in the wall.
(1) The failure of the owner of the residence to file with the Zoning Enforcement Officer each three years an affidavit as required in Subsection C(10).
(2) Notwithstanding the filing of such affidavit, a finding by the Zoning Enforcement Officer that there is in fact noncompliance with the conditions and requirements of approval.
(3) When the accessory residential apartment is no longer used by a family member.
F. Existing accessory residential apartments. The owner of an accessory residential apartment existing as of the effective date of these Regulations must file for approval under the application procedure as stated in Subsection D of these Regulations.
G. Sale of residence. Upon sale of a residence containing an accessory residential apartment, the new owner of said residence shall file with the Zoning Enforcement officer within 60 days of the transfer of title to such residence, a notice on a form to be supplied by the Zoning Enforcement Officer, stating whether or not such new owner intends to continue the accessory residential use.
H. Affordable accessory residential apartments. An owner of property who wishes to create an affordable accessory residential apartment without restricting occupancy to family members only may apply to the Zoning Commission for such approval under the procedure described in Subsection F(14)(d) of this regulation. Said application must, in addition to meeting the conditions of Subsection D, also meet the following conditions and requirements of approval:
(1) Owner must provide verification that the affordable accessory residential apartment shall meet the definition of "affordable housing" contained in Section 8-30g of the Connecticut General Statutes and agree to place a deed restriction on the property in a form approved by the Town Attorney's office and further agree to record said deed restriction on the Land Records of the Town of Stratford. The Town Planner, after consultation with the Town of Stratford Community Development office and the Stratford Housing Authority, shall annually publish a notice of a) the maximum rents that may be charged for affordable accessory residential apartments (including heat and utility costs, which may be by a reasonable estimate, and excluding telephone and cable television; and b) the maximum allowed tenant income, 80% of the area median income adjusted for family size as determined by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development for the Bridgeport Statistical Metropolitan Area (SMSA) or for the State of Connecticut, whichever is less.
(2) Any individual seeking approval of an affordable accessory residential apartment must demonstrate that the unit will be located on a lot possessing an area that is at least 25% greater than the minimum lot area required for the zoning district, in which the property is located and that the buildings located thereon will fully comply with all setback and coverage requirements of these Zoning Regulations.
(3) The owner of an approved affordable accessory residential apartment shall additionally verify tenant income and rent information when preparing the affidavit 
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