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Solar PV Electrical Permit
Solar PV Electrical Permit

NOTE: Understand that your submission will not automatically approve for permit. Wait for issuance of permits BEFORE starting projects. All departments approvals and fees must be completed before calling for inspections. While completing your submission, please use correct and accurate information as you will be held accountable for all information upon submission. Contact the Building Department at (203) 385-4010 with any questions.

The following items are attached requirements for this permit:

One line Site Drawing must show:
  1. Location of inverters and major equipment.
  2. Location of roof obstructions (Vents, Chimneys, etc.) 
  3. Location of Main Breaker panel.
  4. Location of Utility Meter.
  5. Location of DC disconnect (specifications required if other then isolated disconnect).
  6. Location of AC disconnect.
  7. Location of batteries and/or charge controllers (if appropriate).
  8. Location of solar metering (if appropriate).
Roof-Mounted systems (line Drawing) Must Show:
Solar PV Module Specification Sheets
Inverter Specification Sheets
Structural Evaluation