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Drive-In Theater/Entertainment Permit
Drive-In Theater/Entertainment Permit

In conjunction with Mayor Laura R. Hoydick's special authorization dated _________ the Drive-In Theater/Entertainment Permit is a temporary use permit that will allow for the approved applicant to erect and operate a temporary outdoor drive-in theater screen and any related temporary structure(s) at premises until the such authorization is rescinded by the Mayor of Stratford. Such temporary drive-in theater will protect the public health and safety by mitigating the risk of transmission of COVID-19 and reducing in-person interactions, thereby reducing the risk of transmission of COVID-19 while allowing certain activities to be safely conducted. Each Department that reviews this application may attached conditions to such approval that preserve and protect the life and safety of all patrons and staff at said facility.

For restaurants, only outdoor areas can open at this time. Indoor areas and bar areas shall remain closed. These rules are intended to help restaurants safely get back to work. The information here can be supplemented with guidance from other industry groups, some of which are listed below. These rules may be updated as conditions evolve. 

Please complete the application in addition you will need to attach to your application:
  1. A site plan is required that clearly shows the location of tables in relation to parking/driveways. Upload a sketch with dimensions and a table layout to show tables 10 feet between each edge so patrons can sit 6 feet apart. Indicate any canopies, garbage cans, lighting features/extra service , speakers, etc on plan. The site plan should clearly show how seating will be safely separated from parking/driveway areas.
  2. Control measures of lavatories cleaning. Include cleaning schedule.
  3. Description of Staff Screening.
  4. Policy to disinfect high touch areas and products to be used.
  5. Policy of staff to wear masks and servers to wear gloves.
Approvals and Inspections will be conducted by the Health Department, Building Department, Planning & Zoning Department, Fire Marshal, and the Police Department before receiving a Certification of Approval. If you have questions call the Stratford Health Department at 203-385-4090.