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Sign Permit (Paradise Green/W.Broad)
Signs (Paradise Green/W.Broad ONLY)

The purpose of this application is to allow ONLY STRATFORD-BASED NON-PROFITS to erect signs at both Paradise Green and the at intersection West Broad Street/Main St, for the promotion of in-town events. All requirements on this permit form must be strictly followed. There is no fee for this permit.
1) Any group and/or individual who desires to place a sign at Paradise Green or West Broad Street Green (on Main St only) for Stratford-based NON-PROFIT institutions shall remove the sign within 48 hours after completion of the event. Should the sign not be removed, the group or individual shall be liable to the Town for any and all costs of removal and disposal. 
2) Any sign shall be no larger 3'x3' (9 sqft). The sign may be erected no more than 4 weeks prior. Signs that do not meet the size or time requirements will be removed. 
3) Any sign shall not contain any political or commercial advertisement nor shall any sign be offensive, vulgar or contain obscene gesture or statement. 
4) The group or individual who erects  any  sign shall be liable to clean up any and all debris, littler and rubbish caused by such sign. This shall include cleaning up all debris and rubbish caused by any destruction or defacement of such sign or the area surrounding such sign by any cause. Should the group not clean the sign, and/or area, it shall be liable to the Town for any and all costs of such cleanup. This clean up shall include filling in of any holes in the ground caused by the erection or placement of and sign. 
5) All signs must advertise events or functions held in the Town of Stratford.
Application fee: There is no fee for this permit.