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Zoning Compliance Permit
Zoning Compliance Only (Garages, Sheds, Chicken Coops, Accessory Structures, Parking Lots, etc)

Nearly all construction activity conducted within the Town of Stratford will require an Application for Zoning Compliance. If you are proposing work that requires a Building Permit, please select the Building Permit application, which includes a Zoning component. If you are unsure if your project requires a building permit, you can contact the Building Department at (203) 385-4010. This Application for Zoning Compliance is only for zoning permits where a building permit is NOT required. An example is an accessory structure (shed, chicken coop, etc.) under 200 sqft. 

If you are unsure that your project will require an application Zoning Compliance please call the Zoning Office.
Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

3.11 Accessory buildings.
3. Any agency proposing to construct such a building or structure, or the owner of the parcel on which the building or structure is to be constructed, shall file information and a plan with the Zoning Administrator. The plan shall include information and a drawing(s) of the building/structure for review of the following:
A. The accessory structure shall meet the yard setbacks of the zone in which it is located.
B. The structure shall provide enclosed space for equipment, chemicals and control systems.
C. The location of vehicular access and parking for service vehicles associated with the building or structure shall be shown on a site plan.
D. Where possible, the structure should be serviced from roads or driveways within the parcel and not a separate driveway from a public street.
E. The structure shall be designed to prevent entry by unauthorized personnel.
F. All utilities serving the building shall be placed underground.
G. Architectural plans or renderings of the proposed building or structures showing the floor plan, the facade, and exterior elevations of the building shall be provided.
H. If the buildings are temporary, as determined by the appropriate environmental agency, they shall be removed once they are no longer required for site remediation purposes. If the buildings are for long-term use or permanent, the architectural treatment shall be commensurate with their expected duration by the use of natural materials such as brick, clapboard, shingles, slate, etc. Artificial materials such as metals, vinyl and concrete are discouraged.
4. The plans shall be subject to Site Plan Review by the Zoning Commission who may require changes to the facade, site layout, design, or size of the facility.

The Planning and Zoning Administrator shall ascertain from such data whether the building, lot and present or proposed use conform with the zoning regulations for the particular district in which the building and lot are or will be situated and he shall not issue a zoning compliance report until such data discloses conformance therewith.