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Site Plans - LBH Zone
32.2  Requirements as to § 8-30g Units Within an LBHZ.
The site plan for a development in an LBHZ and documents submitted in support of such development shall comply with the requirements set forth below. These requirements shall apply to any sale, rental, resale, purchase and subsequent lease, and conversion to common interest ownership and subsequent resale of the LBHZ development.
a. Affordable units shall be of a construction quality that is comparable to the construction quality of the market-rate units within the development.
b. An affordable unit shall be occupied only as the tenant's primary residence. Subletting shall not be permitted, and such prohibition shall be included in the lease.
c. The developer or its successor may change the designation of the units within the development which are to be affordable units, provided that the minimum set-asides as described in General Statutes § 8-30g shall be maintained and the development as a whole shall continue to comply with all subsections of this section.
32.3  Site Plan Submission Requirements.
32.3.1  Developments pursuant to an LBHZ shall require site plan approval. Special case approval is not required.
32.3.2  In conjunction with the submission of an application for approval of a site plan filed contemporaneously with any application for a zone change to LBHZ, the applicant shall submit the following:
a. A document identifying that a qualified, independent affordability administrator be selected, at the applicant's/owner's expense, to verify all affordable units and potential tenants qualify for residence. A list of qualified affordability managers, which has been provided by the Connecticut Department of Housing, can be obtained in the Stratford Office of Planning and Zoning.
b. An affirmative fair housing marketing plan governing the rental of all dwelling units;
c. A sample calculation of the maximum rents of the intended affordable units;
d. A description of the projected sequence in which the affordable units will be built and offered for occupancy, and the general location of such units within the proposed development;
e. Draft lease provisions that will govern the affordable units.

32.4Site and Location of Zone.
32.4.1 An LBHZ is an overlay zone and shall be located only on land fronting on Lordship Boulevard and Watson Boulevard north of Watson Boulevard, having between 1.0 and 5.0 acres.