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Application for Zone Change Approval (SAHZ)
An application for zone change to an SAHZ shall include:
30.11.1  A zone change petition as provided for by the Zoning Commission;

30.11.2  A written statement describing how the proposal complies with the purposes set forth in Subsection 30.1 of these regulations;

30.11.3  A site plan prepared and certified by either a licensed architect, a registered land surveyor, or a registered civil engineer which shall:
(a) define the location of the areas to be used for residential purposes;
(b) set forth the proposed density of the dwelling units;
(c) show all utilities;
(d) show present and proposed topography; and
(e) show conceptual landscaping plan for the site;
30.11.4 Preliminary building plans illustrating: (a) typical floor plans; and (b) typical elevations;

30.11.5 If applicable, an application for Coastal Area Management approval.