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Medical and Adult-Use Marijuana and Producers
15B.8  Conditional approval.
a) A special case application shall be approved with the condition that the applicant obtains the appropriate dispensary or production facility permit issued by the State of Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection (or other state agency as regulatory changes occur). In addition to the special case criteria, the Commission shall pay close attention to odor control, distances to uses mentioned in Subsection 15.1: Approval of Zoning Commission and landscape buffers to adjoining uses.

b) The conditional approval shall become automatically finalized upon the receipt by Zoning Commission of a copy of the appropriate permit(s) issued by the Department of Consumer Protection.

c) If the applicant fails to provide the Zoning Commission with a copy of the required permit(s) from the Department of Consumer Protection within six months of the date of the Commission's conditional approval, such conditional approval shall automatically expire without further action by the Commission.

d) A six-month extension of such conditional approval shall be granted to the applicant upon written notification to the Zoning Commission that an application for a Department of Consumer Protection permit has been filed, indicating the expected decision date of the Department of Consumer Protection on said permit.