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Approval of Disapproval of Record Subdivision Plat
§ A221-36 Approval; filing.
Upon submission of the record subdivision plat to the Commission for final approval, said Commission shall determine whether such map corresponds substantially with the approved preliminary map and meets all the requirements of these regulations. If the Commission shall approve such record subdivision plat, the fact of such approval and the date thereof shall be noted on said plat over the signature of the Chairman or Secretary of the Commission. Said record subdivision plat shall, within 90 days thereafter, be filed for record in the office of the Town Clerk of Stratford. The fee for filing such map shall be paid by the applicant.

§ A221-37 Filing after approval only; street acceptance.
A. No plat of a subdivision of land laid out wholly or partly within the limits of the Town of Stratford shall be filed or recorded in the office of the Town Clerk of Stratford until the Commission, except as otherwise provided by statute, shall have approved such plat and the fact of such approval is endorsed thereon as provided in the foregoing section. The provision of this chapter shall not apply to maps made by a licensed land surveyor for the sole purpose of establishing boundaries of property already of record or where the same is merely intended as an outline survey showing only the exterior boundaries of such unmapped land as has not been divided in violation of these regulations or of the zoning regulations of the Town of Stratford.
B. The approval or filing for record of any record subdivision plat shall not be deemed to constitute, or to be evidence of, an acceptance by the public of any street or other open public spaces shown on such plat or map. Such acceptance shall be by formal resolution adopted by the Town Council, which resolution shall set forth the fact of such acceptance for public purposes and the width and approximate length of the streets accepted, together with the designation of the names by which such streets shall thereafter be known.

§ A221-38 Disapproval of applications and plats.
If the application and plat are disapproved, the Commission shall return, without endorsement the original plat as submitted by the applicant, together with a statement of its reasons for such disapproval. One print of said plat shall be retained for the records of the Commission.