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Improvement Requirements
§ A221-34 Required minimum improvements.
Within two years after the approval of the record subdivision plat, the applicant, owner or developer thereof shall complete the following minimum improvements:
A. All proposed streets shall be laid out graded and constructed to their entire length and full width from street line to street line in full accordance with the specifications and mode of procedure pursuant to the requirements of "An Ordinance Providing for the Manner of Acceptance of New Streets, Boulevards, Highways or Public Ways and Establishing Certain Specifications Therefor, in the Town of Stratford, Connecticut" adopted July 14, 1947, and of any amendments thereto.
B. All necessary storm drains, culverts and bridges that are required by good construction practice and approved by the Director of Public Works shall be built at the sole expense of the applicant, owner or developer. Storm drains shall include all necessary pipelines, manholes, catch basins or wells sufficient and adequate to provide proper drainage.
C. If sanitary sewers exist in any street adjacent to any development or if the Town should extend a sanitary sewer to a point adjacent to a development the developer shall provide and connect sanitary sewers to said systems.
D. Concrete or asphalt curbs and concrete sidewalks shall be built in all streets in the subdivision. The location, grade, cross slope and construction specifications shall be subject to the approval of the Town Engineer and must be in conformity with any of the requirements of the provisions of "An Ordinance Relating to Curbs, Walks, Driveway Approaches and Combined Curbs and Gutters in the Town of Stratford, Connecticut," adopted June 9, 1947, and any amendments thereto, so far as the same may be applicable thereto.
E. Street signs showing the names of the intersecting streets shall be erected at each intersection. Such signs shall be furnished by the Town to the owner or developer at actual cost.
F. Shade trees shall be planted as ordered or required by the Commission, and the size, kind and location of such trees shall be subject to the approval of the Town Tree Warden. Poplar and willow trees shall be prohibited. In the determination of tree requirements, the following principles shall be used as a guide:
(1) Trees shall be planted on each side of every street and, if esplanades of sufficient width are planned, along the center lines thereof.
(2) Trees shall be planted approximately 60 feet apart subject to the location of driveways, cross streets or walks and variations made necessary by the tree species.
Trees shall be located between the curbs and sidewalks wherever practical or on lots behind sidewalks as may be determined by the Tree Warden.
(4) The diameter of trees shall be not less than two inches.
G. Reinforced concrete monuments of one-to-two-to-four inches square at the top, eight inches square at the bottom and three feet six inches long, shall be set at all street intersections and at all angles and curves or other critical points in the street lines as will enable a registered land surveyor to correctly stake out any lot in the subdivision. Each monument shall have a brass plug in the top and shall be so set that the marked center of the top shall be the point of reference. The tops of such monuments shall be set to the established grade. The monuments are to be set in place after all other street development is completed. The accuracy of location of such monuments shall be certified in writing by the land surveyor making the record subdivision plat.

§ A221-35 Improvement bond requirements.
To assure the completion of the improvements, to the extent required by these regulations or which may be required by the Commission, including the settling of all monuments, the construction of all roads and pavements, the installation of required drainage facilities, storm and sanitary sewers and the installation of trees, watercourses and bridges, within two years of the date of the approval of the record subdivision plat and, where required, the dedication of any land to the public use within two years and three months of such approval, the applicant shall, within 90 days of the date of approval of lines and grades by the Town Council, file with the Planning and Zoning Commission a surety bond in favor of the Town of Stratford executed by a surety company authorized to enter into such bonds under the laws of this state, which shall be in such amount and in such form and contain such conditions as the Commission shall require. The bond shall not be released until the Commission, upon the written statement of the Town Engineer and Director of Public Works, shall have determined that all of the bond conditions have been fully satisfied. No building permit shall be issued until bond is accepted.