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Record Subdivision Plat Requirements
§ A221-30 Form and size.
The record subdivision plat shall be clearly and legibly drawn with black waterproof India ink on a good quality of heavy clothbacked white drawing paper. All lines, letters, figures, certificates, acknowledgments and signatures shall be made in black India ink, except in the case of standard forms. The plats shall be not more than 36 inches long nor more than 24 inches wide and shall be drawn to a scale large enough to show the details clearly but shall not be less than one inch equals 100 feet. A one-half-inch marginal border line shall be drawn around the outer edge of each plat, and all data to appear thereon shall be within said marginal lines.

§ A221-31 Copies to be filed with Town Engineer.
With said plat, there shall also be filed for the Town Engineer's files a black line print thereof on tracing cloth and four prints on paper.

§ A221-32 Required data.
The record subdivision plat shall conform to and shall contain and show the following:
A. The title of the subdivision, North arrow, scale, date and the name of the owner or owners.
B. A certification signed and sealed by the land surveyor making such survey and plat who shall be duly registered in the State of Connecticut to make such surveys, that it is made from the actual land survey and is substantially correct.
C. The boundaries of the subdivision with courses and distances marked thereon as determined by an accurate land survey, from control points approved by the Town Engineer and noted on the drawing. The error of closure must not exceed 1:5,000. The traverse sheets or a copy thereof showing the error of closure of the field survey, and the calculations for the final adjustment, if required, must be submitted to the Town Engineer for approval.
D. The length, bearing or direction of all straight lines, deflection angles, radii, arcs and central angles of all curves along the property line of each street, all established building lines and all dimensions along the lines of each lot all duly balanced so as to be consistent throughout with the courses and distances of the boundary lines. All dimensions shall be shown in feet and decimals of a foot.
E. The lines of all easements or rights-of-way to which any lots are subject shall be denoted by fine dotted lines. The limits of the easements or rights-of-way shall be definitely stated and clearly labeled and identified.
F. The line of mean high tide in case the subdivision or any part thereof is adjacent to tidewater.
G. The location of all monuments which are required to be set under the provisions of § A221-34G hereof. At least one of these monuments, or a street line, shall be tied in by reference data to the horizontal control to other monuments of which the coordinates on the Town control are established or located by solar or Polaris observation.
H. All lines shown on the map which do not constitute a part of the subdivision itself shall be broken lines or otherwise clearly distinguished from the lines constituting a part of the subdivision.
I. Town boundary lines which cross or adjoin the subdivision shall be clearly designated and tied in.

§ A221-33 Filing of additional prints.
With the record subdivision plat there shall be filed four additional prints on paper showing thereon the location of all proposed drainage facilities, storm and sanitary sewers, culverts, catch basins, bridges, curbs, sidewalks, paving and other improvements to be installed by the developer. A copy of this print shall be included in the bond required under § A221-35 of these regulations.