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Preliminary Subdivision Plat Requirements
§ A221-27 Form; scale.
A preliminary subdivision plat shall be presented to the Commission for consideration. It shall be drawn to a scale of not less than 100 feet to the inch, and four prints thereof shall be filed with the Clerk of the Commission. Said preliminary plat shall be clearly and legibly drawn on tracing cloth or tracing paper of good quality. The sheets shall be either 24 inches by 36 inches or 18 inches by 24 inches outside measurements.

§ A221-28 Filing of required statements.
To enable the Commission to consider the proposed subdivision, the applicant shall file with his application and preliminary subdivision plat a written statement reciting the nature and extent of the private restrictions, if any, and any other requirements which are proposed for incorporation in the deeds to individual lots.

§ A221-29 Required data.
A. The preliminary subdivision plat shall conform to and shall contain and show the following data:
(1) The proposed tract name or other designations by which such development shall be known, which shall not duplicate the name of any other previous development in the Town of Stratford.
(2) The location and approximate dimensions of all existing property lines; the approximate location and size of all permanent buildings and their present or proposed future usage; principal trees and wooded areas; watercourses; railroads; sanitary, storm or combined sewers; water mains; telephone, electric and gas lines; and other existing features. The line of mean high tide shall be shown thereon in case the subdivision is adjacent to tidewater.
(3) The locations, names and present widths and approximate grades of all existing streets abutting, adjoining or crossing the proposed subdivisions, together with all proposed new streets; the approximate radii of all curves; the approximate dimensions of all lots; and all proposed building lines within the limits of the subdivision and on the property immediately adjacent thereto, with the names of all adjoining property owners as nearly as the same may be ascertained. Approximate elevations shall be shown at the beginning and end of each street at street intersections and at all points where there is a decided change in the slope or direction.
(4) The name and address of the owner or owners of the land to be subdivided; the name and address of the developer if it is other than the owner of the premises; and the name and address and seal of the registered land surveyor who prepared such preliminary subdivision plat. The Clerk or Secretary of the Town Planning and Zoning Commission shall endorse thereon the precise date when said preliminary subdivision plat and the application for approval were filed with him.
(5) The approximate widths and locations of all easements for drainage, sewerage or public utilities, public areas, parks or playgrounds, if any.
(6) Contours at vertical intervals of five feet, when ground conditions are such that they become necessary to determine the proper locations of streets, storm and sanitary sewers, drainage facilities and other construction. Elevations of such contours shall be based on the Town datum plane. The location and elevation of the nearest Town datum bench mark may be obtained at the office of the Town Engineer.
(7) The approximate boundaries of areas subjected to overflow by tidewaters; all swamps, marshes and other areas covered by water; the location, width and direction of flow of all watercourses, living or dry, with contours at intervals of two feet with a minimum distance of 36 feet from the center line of the watercourse; and the approximate location and dimensions of all existing walling, piping and bridging thereof.
(8) The zone or zones in which the subdivision lies as established by the Town Planning and Zoning Commission. In case a zone boundary lies within the limits of the proposed subdivision, its approximate location shall be marked and clearly identified thereon. Zone data and boundaries shall be ascertained by conference with the Clerk of the Town Planning and Zoning Commission of the Town of Stratford. Any desired changes in these zone boundaries for which the owner proposed to petition the Commission shall be set forth in a separate application for approval as provided by the zoning regulations of the Town of Stratford.
(9) The approximate elevation of sufficient points of the existing topography, usually crests of hills, points of sharp changes in grades and valley bottoms, shall be indicated thereof to present a clear idea of the relation of the proposed lot and street layout thereto.
(10) All parcels proposed to be deeded to the Town of Stratford for streets, parks, playgrounds or other public open spaces and the conditions of such transfer, if any.
(11) A complete plan and profile of each proposed street showing the existing ground surface on the center line and street lines and the proposed center line grades and showing the location, elevation and size of all existing or proposed underground utilities. Elevations of such profiles shall be based on the Town datum plane, and said profiles shall in all respects comply with the requirements provided for in Section 2 of "An Ordinance Providing for the Manner of Acceptance of New Streets, Boulevards, Highways or Public Ways and Establishing Certain Specifications Therefor, in the Town of Stratford, Connecticut," adopted July 14, 1947, and of any amendments thereto.
(12) The date, approximate true North point and scale.
B. Such of the foregoing information as may not practically be shown on the map shall be contained in a signed, written statement with a copy thereof accompanying the original and each print of said map.