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General Subdivision Requirements
§ A221-18 Conformity to Town plan.
All subdivisions shall conform to the existing Town plan as approved by the Town Planning and Zoning Commission.

§ A221-19 Relation to adjoining street system.
The arrangement of proposed streets shall in general provide for the continuation of the principal existing streets without offsets and with widths at least as great as those of existing streets. Where such straight continuations are not practical, continuations may be adjusted by reasonable curves or deflection angles, subject to the approval of the Commission. Where a subdivision touches or contains streets proposed on the existing Town plan, the layout within the subdivision shall conform thereto.

§ A221-20 Street requirements.
A. No street shall be proposed which shall be less than 60 feet in width between property lines.
B. Private streets, alleys and ways serving more than one dwelling shall not be permitted.
C. Streets shall be required to intersect one another at as near to a right angle as is practicable, and no intersection shall be at an angle of less than 30° unless necessitated by topographic conditions.
D. Whenever any proposed subdivision shall adjoin another tract of acreage, streets that may logically be developed in the event of the future subdivision of such adjoining acreage shall be required to extend through to the boundary line of the adjoining acreage.
E. Unless enclosed on two or more sides by serious natural obstacles, streets arranged in squares, ovals and circles, etc., must have at least two street connections at points substantially opposite to each other on the perimeter of such square, oval or circle. One of these street connections may extend to undeveloped acreage.

§ A221-21 Reserved strips.
No subdivision showing any reserved strips shall be approved.

§ A221-22 Dead-end streets.
No dead-end street shall be permitted except when topographic or physical conditions make it impossible at the time to extend it or connect it with another proposed or existing street. In any such case, a dead end may be permitted, provided that such dead-end street shall not exceed in length the frontage of 10 lots per side and shall have a circular turnaround at its terminus with a radius of not less than 50 feet. No lot or part of lot may be placed in such a position as to prevent future extension of dead-end street.

§ A221-23 Block dimensions.
A. Intersecting streets shall be laid out at such intervals that block lengths between street lines are not more than 10 minimum lot frontages as required by the zoning regulations of the Town of Stratford for the area being subdivided, except when existing conditions, in the opinion of the Commission, justify a variation from this requirement. Minimum widths of blocks shall generally be not less than 200 feet between street lines in residential areas. The long side of blocks shall face the main or more important thoroughfare to reduce the number of intersections thereon.
B. Pedestrianways 10 feet in width may be required through blocks over 600 feet in length or to connect dead-end streets, to provide easier access to parks, schools, playgrounds or other public or semipublic places.
C. Permanent easements may be required within blocks at the discretion of the Commission.
D. The minimum block length shall be not less than 400 feet.
E. Block widths shall be sufficient to permit two tiers of lots of sufficient size to meet the requirements of the zoning regulations of the Town of Stratford as in force at time of filing of application.

§ A221-24 Lot requirements; street names.
A. Lots. All lots shall conform to the requirements of the zoning regulations of the Town of Stratford for the particular zone in which they are located.
B. Lots prohibited. Lots without frontage on a street are prohibited. All lots shall be suitable for the purposes for which they are intended to be used, and no area which is dangerous or injurious to health or subject to inundation shall be subdivided into individual lots for residential purposes. Any lot containing a stream bed shall have 35 feet added to its minimum width or depth, whichever is most nearly perpendicular to the direction of the stream. Full normal minimum lot width and yard depth shall be available without including the center line of the stream. No lot other than corner lots having a frontage on two streets less than 200 feet apart will be approved except where topographic or other physical conditions so require.
C. Side lot lines. Insofar as practicable, the side lines of all lots shall be at right angles to the street on which the lot faces or radial to curved street lines, and when such an arrangement is not possible, the angular value between the side lot line and the street line shall be shown. Town boundary lines shall not be permitted to cross any lot but shall be made to constitute one of the lot lines.
D. Lot numbers. All lots shall be numbered beginning with the numeral "1" and shall continue consecutively throughout the entire subdivision with no omissions or duplications. No fractions and no prefix or suffix such as "1A," "B-2" or "CC" shall be used. Adjoining and adjacent subdivisions having the same subdivision name shall not duplicate the numbers but shall continue the sequence of numbers used previously for the adjoining land. All lot numbers shall be conspicuous and centered in the approximate center of the lots in solid black numerals about 1/4 inch high.
E. Street names. All proposed streets shall bear tentative names which shall not duplicate the names used to designate any other street in the Town of Stratford. The tentative names of all proposed streets shall be subject to the approval of the Commission. If any designation is in numbers, it shall be spelled out completely, using hyphens when necessary, in such form as "Forty-Second Street," and the words "Street" "Avenue," or "Boulevard," as the case may be, shall be spelled out in full.

§ A221-25 Parks and playgrounds.
Due consideration shall be given to the laying out of adequate local parks and playgrounds in residential areas to be dedicated to public use or to be reserved for the common use of all property owners by covenant in the deed and subject to the control of the Town under conditions approved by the Town Council of the Town of Stratford.

§ A221-26 Conformance of sites for public buildings.
Where a subdivision touches or contains sites proposed for public buildings in the Comprehensive Plan of the Town of Stratford in force on the date the subdivision plat is filed, the layout of the site shall conform thereto.