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Regulations relating to applications and petitions
22.1 Data required.
The following data shall appear on all building applications in order to insure the conformance of buildings and lots with all zoning regulations:
22.1.1 The district or districts in which such building and lot are situated.
22.1.2 The present and proposed use or uses for such building and lot.
22.1.3 Size of lot.
22.1.4 Locations of all structures including proposed structures on lot.
22.1.5 Height of such buildings.
22.1.6 Building area.
22.1.7 Size of yards and court.
22.1.8 The proposed number of families and persons to occupy the building and lot.
22.1.9 The names of person or persons having record title to such building or lot.
22.1.10 The names of all tenants of such building or lot.
22.1.11 The dates and types of permits or waivers of the commissions or Board of Zoning Appeals affecting such building or lot.
22.1.12 Any other information deemed necessary by the Building Inspector for the purpose of properly showing the use of such building and lot.

22.2 Duties of Planning and Zoning Administrator.
The Planning and Zoning Administrator shall ascertain from such data whether the building, lot and present or proposed use conform with the zoning regulations for the particular district in which the building and lot are or will be situated and he shall not issue a zoning compliance report until such data discloses conformance therewith. Before issuing a certificate of occupancy the Building Inspector shall obtain a zoning compliance report from the Office of Planning and Zoning that such building and lot as erected or altered, and the use thereof are as stated in the application and in conformity with these Regulations.

22.3 Form of petition.
All applications, appeals or petitions shall be on a form supplied by the Planning Commission, Zoning Commission, or the Board of Zoning Appeals and shall be submitted and receipted in accordance with the provisions of the Connecticut General Statutes.

22.4 Fees to the Planning and Zoning Commissions.
All fees shall be in an amount prescribed by the Planning and Zoning Commissions.

22.5 Fees to Board of Zoning Appeals.
All fees shall be in an amount prescribed by the Board of Zoning Appeals.

22.6 Notice to be posted on premises.
For applications or petitions filed with the Planning and Zoning office, which require publication of notice thereon and which relate to a specific parcel(s) or building (s), the Planning and Zoning office shall post conspicuously on the premises on which action is pending so that it may be easily seen and read, a printed placard at least 11 inches by 14 inches in size, on white or yellow card stock, in black ink as follows: "ZONING Use Change" in two lines of 72-point type, "Requested Here" in one line of 60-point type, followed by, in writing in black grease crayon, the location, time and place of the public hearing to be held thereon. Such placard shall be posted on such premises at least five days preceding such hearing. Any person mutilating, tearing down, removing or obstructing the view of such placard shall be found guilty of a misdemeanor punishable under the provisions of Section 17 of these Regulations. This penalty clause shall be printed in 12-point type on the placard. This posting requirement shall not generally apply to petitions for proposed amendments to the zoning regulations, proposed amendments to the subdivision regulations or proposed amendments to the plan of development unless such petitions address an isolated area or property where the administration of these posting requirements would be practical.
22.7 Pending changes.
Whenever there shall be pending before the Zoning Commission any proposal for a change of zone or alteration of an existing district boundary, the Building Inspector shall not issue any building permit for the construction or substantial alteration of any building or buildings, upon any lot likely to be affected by the final determination of such motion for a change of zone or variance of an existing district boundary, as the case may be, pending the public hearing and final decision by the Commission upon such motions. The clerk of the Zoning Commission shall immediately give notice in writing to the Building Inspector of the pendency of such motion and of the final decision thereon.
22.8 Effect of issuance of building permit.
The issuance of a building permit by the Building Inspector shall not be construed as any guarantee or warranty by the municipality that the permitted structure conforms to all of the requirements of these Regulations. If the action of the Building Inspector is appealed as provided by these Regulations, or the General Statutes of the State of Connecticut, the holder of such permit shall not exercise the privileges granted therein except at his own risk.